The annual big Splash event began in 2003 as being a way of showing that will swimming within the Saint Lawrence River was safe.

Shaw Media, 2015

"E-coli will be current in drinking water every 1 regarding the time," he said.

However, any warning has been apparently posted on the city's website the afternoon in the jump for you to warnswimmers towait 24 in order to 36 hrs for outcomes in order to keep coming back from your lab before swimming.

"Even if there ended up being clearly more than what is generally there, your risk will be minimal."

Organizers with the Montreal event insistedthey checked with the city prior towards the jump and also had been advised that the h2o was safe.

MONTREAL - Montreal's annual Large Splash event gathered 200 contributors in the Jacques-Cartier Pier in the old Port final Tuesday, but because it turns out, those that jumped to the river did thus within infected water.

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On the day with the jump, a taste of the drinking water ended up being sent for you to Aqualabo,a Saint-Michel lab, along with in accordance with their own analysis higher levels associated with E.coli, enterococci bacteria along with fecal matter had been discovered within the water.

Julie Menard, any microbiologist in the lab told Global Newstheir testsshowed 3,600 cfu/100 ml presence within the Saint Lawrence River once they tested it last week.

Chemistry professor Joe Schwarcz coming from McGill university asserted it is unlikely that will swimmers willexperience any kind of side effects,but will nevertheless be possible.

WATCH ABOVE:Montrealers jump in to the Saint Lawrence River to be able to call with regard to a tidy up consequently residents can swim there again.

According in order to government standards, h2o quality ought for you to be no higher than200 cfu/100 ml pertaining to recreational activities.